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A parody of the 90's X-Men Animated Series

Follow the HeavyEggs Team in the second episode as we show you how to script write and storyboard like a boss!

Follow the HeavyEggs Team through the process of making our very own Machinima and showing everyone how it's done!

Looking For a New Action-Packed 4 Player Shooter? Then Check Out This Video!

From Batman to President, That's Quite a CV George!

That's OK, Just Kill Off Labeouf's Character And All Will Be Forgiven! got some 'splainin to do!

A brand spanking new podcast covering the most recent and key developments in the movie industry today.....

The San Diego comic wrapped up this weekend and we’re going to share the best bits with you. Including new Avengers artwork, Nick Cage talks Ghost Rider 2, New Avatar! and Bradley Cooper as Lucifer...the sexy devil!

The San Diego comic con reached its climax yesterday on the same weekend as the US premiere for Captain America: The First Avenger, and the question on the lips of movie fans from the rest of the world is... how was it? Also, some pictures of Cap’s suit in detail! (no spoilers)