Nathan Fillion in Emerald Knights

Nintendo list the games available for 3DS at launch

Sony has unveiled their newest addition to the Playstation portable family.

Keith Olbermann, an MSNBC commentator, lifted his suspension from Twitter after three days

The Director-General of the BBC says that rules on impartiality on television are outdated and advocates opinionated journalism

Rick and his preternatural tendency to head shot are the big winners.

It's like the Sopranos, but with motorcycles

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No details released yet, but next time you're going to see Smallville on TV is on the 28th January 2011. It looks like the show is going to have a Christmas break.

January 4th sees the start of the new season of V

Here's a couple of promos for the next episode, "Icarus"

A quick look at last night's episode of No Ordinary Family

The upcoming Christmas special episode of Eureka

The first season of the Walking Dead is over, and what a way to end the season.

Sky News Chief John Riley renewed his call today for cameras to be allowed into courtrooms.