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An entertainment news extravaganza full of egg related puns...Just what you were looking for right?!

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Published about about 1 year ago. Filed Under: Breaking Eggs

We successfully launched on 7 November 2010, and with your help we hope to establish a reputation for providing a refreshing take on the movie, tv and gaming news today!

Check back every day for new articles, and every saturday for new comics!!

So we're sure you have many questions. Here is our half as*ed attempt in answering them...hey, at least we’re honest.

Who are you? What exactly makes you different?!

Well we are a group of friends that come from different backgrounds. We also come from different branches of academia including Computer Science, Law, Economics, Engineering and Physics. We thrive on this diversity and accordingly have opinionated discussions.

Nevertheless we are united by our passion for movies, tv shows, games, and comics that dare ask the questions other won’t, such as why was Lost so disappointing, or when will Michael Bay make the most explosive porno ever?!

Too often we find other similar sites to be too pedestrian. They all just state the news in a very minimalistic way and with no sense of adventure! So we decided to put our views up on the interweb!... Also we are all unemployed and need something to do!

Why comics?

We love to doodle. One of us is doodling right now! So we thought we might as well make some use of it.

Why Heavy Eggs?

We wanted a name that captivated our knowledge on various topics, and our ability to ascertain the truths and lies behind the stories!...somehow we ended up on Heavy Eggs. If you want the step by step process, here it is:

  • We heard someone say “break an egg of knowledge”
  • Eggs heavy with knowledge and insight.
  • Balls to say what needs to be said.
  • Heavy Balls
  • Heavy Eggs

How do we fit in?

Since the beginning of time, one thing has rang true...communities matter. Websites are no different and the most popular websites are those with a dedicated community. We hope to achieve the same by attracting likeminded (awesome) people. In time we hope to expand on our user interface in an effort to interact with you, and hear your thoughts.

Thank you very much for visiting our site, and allow us to repay our gratitude by providing you with egg-cellent content.

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