Warrior Video Review

It's a beautiful family drama!....

Written by ronin
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Movies

Welcome to our new series Scope Vision where we aim to cut through all the hype (or lack of hype) and highlight must see films for fans who aren't divided by genres.

For our very first review, we are talking about Warrior starring Joel Edgerton, Tom Hardy and Nick Nolte. Now this movie has been out for almost 7 weeks in the US and UK and has received rave reviews across the board - but yet it has failed to make back it's $30 million budget. Meanwhile Transformers 3 made back 3 times its budget!

Why is this? Does Warrior lack broad appeal? Did it suffer from bad marketing? Or is it just a terrible movie?

We answer these and more questions in our own unique, and at times controversial, way!

Check out the review below!

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