Top 5 reasons to watch The Legend of Korra

Our reasons why you should watch the long awaited sequel to the animated series Avatar: The Last Airbender.

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The Legend of Korra is a spin-off of the popular Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Legend of Aang. The show has recently reached the finale of it's first season. We here at Heavy Eggs are big fans of the original series so we thought we'd give a break down of the best things about the new show so far.

Number 5

It's a whole new world, the setting has changed drastically from the original show. Instead of an epic voyage across the world, this story is almost exclusively based in Republic city, which was established by Aang as the capital of the unified world.

The World is at peace, the new avatar deals with the criminal underworld, which is mainly corrupt benders; and a new emerging threat. The world of the avatar has come a long way from the original series which resembled ancient East asia.

Alhough only 80 years on from the events of the original show, the new series has the look of the 1920s. With old school cars and vintage cameras with massive light bulbs for flash and a an opening narration that fits nicely with this highly stylish theme.

Number 4

Pro bending is an inventive new pro sport incorporated into the show with its stadium based at the heart of Republic city. It’s a sport of two teams of benders fighting to gain ground and for knockouts. It showcases the modern benders in an exciting tournament that helps set the light hearted feel of the city at peace.

Number 3

This really speaks to fans of the original show. It develops on the themes and techniques that were pioneered in the original series in an inventive way and definitely expands on the potential of some of the stuff they touched upon in The Legend of Aang.

In the original show, we see how the fire nation uses their metallic war machines to supress the rest of the world, the technological mastery of the fire nation made them superior. This new show places just as much emphasis on technology, maybe more.

Number 2

Reason Number 2 is a double showcasing two of my favourite developments from the original show: chi blockers & metal benders. Metal benders act as the police force for Republic city and chi blockers are the personal hit-squads for Amon, the mysterious new villain.

Both groups make use of the styles pioneered in the original show by Toph and Ty Lee. These specialist moves from our favourite characters are now fully developed into the fabric of the world and help to shape it.

Number 1

The Number 1 reason to watch the Legend of Korra is the new villain Amon. Now rarely does the antagonist get mentioned as a greater element to the story than the protagonist but I believe in this case it is certainly justified.

Amon is shrouded in mystery from the very beginning, not unlike the fire lord of the original show, but unlike in the Aang series, this villain is no bender, What a twist! Instead he says he aims to bring balance to the world between regular people and benders, making the avatar redundant.

This is a completely new direction that was not even touched upon in the original show and makes this season a completely unique journey.

So that’s my top 5 reasons to catch up on Avatar the legend of Korra. I look forward to seeing where the story goes in book 2. I hope it develops towards more of the spiritual aspect in which Korra could explore the spiritual plains or maybe she could learn a new technique that no other Avatar has. Either way I hope that Book 2 brings more answers; as anyone who has seen the season finale will agree, the climax left you asking “where the F**k are they gonna go from here?!”.

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