Top 3 tips for League of Legends

3 Tips that turn the tide of battle in the popular League of Legends

Written by Emkayu
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For the mainstream DotA is merely a song made by Swedish pop sensation Basshunter. For gamers on the other hand it’s the ever popular Warcraft 3 map that is still played today. This map spawned a new genre of gaming, called the Dota genre, or more commonly called the Action RTS genre.

One of the new games spawned in this genre is League of Legends, a free game developed by Riot games. The problem most new players come across when venturing into LoL(I know, corny right?) is trying to grasp the mechanics of the genre. Anyone can figure out the objectives of the game (destroying the enemy nexus!) and the means to gathering the XP and gold to do so, (killing creeps, mobs and players!) but it’s the nitty gritty tactics that are just nature for high end players but completely bewildering for new players, so enough jibber jabber and on to the tips! WARNING: This isn’t a guide for people who have not played the tutorial yet and haven’t got atleast 5 games under their


Now you may think this a bit obvious, but a new player’s understanding of team play can be completely different to your average LoL player. The way LoL is played is through skills, now teamplay in LoL works around one simple idea; synergy of these skills. For instance, say you are playing Ryze and your team is about to go head on 5v5 against the enemy team, your rune prism skill holds the selected enemy down, so who do you use this on for it to be most effective for your team? As a mage player your job is to deal damage to kill, a bit obvious, but the smarter player will focus on one player to place a disadvantage on the opposing team. In this case you spot a powerful Nocturne player, who is evidently the damage dealer, so by holding this player down, you are doing 2 things: preventing him from killing your weaker players and also allow your stronger players to focus down and kill him quickly. This is the essence of teamplay in LoL, making sure your actions benefit your team rather being selfish.


Teamplay is also half the time, all about timing, being aggressive and defensive at the right time. Making decisisions that will benefit the team overall is all well, but acting too early or too late can be disastrous, leading to your entire team getting obliterated by a team that smartly exploited your over enthusiasm, or simply destroyed your team while you waited to react! Taking the Ryze example again, cast your rune prism too early, your damage dealers won’t be able to get to your target in time for them to shred the enemy apart, too late and there won’t be anyone left to kill him! Knowing the timings of your skills are important, i.e. cooldowns and cast times, because this allows you to accurately guess when to use them, also knowing the speed of skill shots such as Ashe’s arrow and timing it just right so that it hits someone across map, can not only finish off but save countless lives. Also learning the spawn times of buffs can really help you during pushes. Interestingly, as with teamplay communication and playing with friends is always a good way to get your timing right, simply pinging the enemy your going to attack can win the fight before it even begins.

Map awareness

This is a skill that’s probably the most important at higher level play, being aware of what’s going on in key areas of the map. Normally this is done by simply checking the minimap and using wards. For champions with cross map capabilities; Soraka, Ashe, Ezreal etc, map awareness quite literally is the key to using your ultimate skill however pinging incoming enemy arrows and trueshot barrages is equally important! Pinging enemy arrows cross map saves lives and Ashe just wasted her ulti, letting your team proceed as if nothing happened except now Ashe won’t be stopping anyone in their tracks! Teamplay, timing and map awareness are skills that are developed over time and need to be mastered, top tier teams are constantly communicating, calling out, making notes of spawns and preparing aggressive and defensive set ups.

Remember, play with your team, not like a selfish idiot. Time your actions correctly to turn enemy pushes into counter attacks and dominate opponents by syncing your team’s skills with yours and lastly know what’s coming before it comes using map awareness and ping anything important, it could save lives and win games!

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