The Final Act: Pilot Podcast - LaBeouf This!

A brand spanking new podcast covering the most recent and key developments in the movie industry today.....

Written by ronin
Published about over 6 years ago. Filed Under: Breaking Eggs

Welcome to our very first podcast were we cut through the crap in the movie industry today with particular focus on sci-fi, comic book movies, video game movies and reboots!

We recorded this last week and are using it to test the waters and gauge support, so any feedback would be useful!

This week Starbuzz and Ronin discuss the following topics:

  • Shia LaBeouf's Interview with Details Magazine
  • Point Break Sequel
  • Red Sequel
  • Panasonic CEO Slams 3D Movies
  • Mass Effect Movie Moving Forward
  • Uncharted: Neil Burger Attached As Director
  • Angry Birds Movie In The Works

This weeks trailer segment Through The Lens includes:

  • Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol Trailer
  • Assassination Games Trailer
  • Killer Elite Trailer

And this weeks rant in the segment Keepin' It Reel is on the news surrounding the Harry Potter movies!

Post your comments below - and guys this is our first time, so be gentle....

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