Scope Vision - Avengers Assemble Review

Movie reviews that AIM to give you a CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT....yes these are stupid puns.

Written by ronin
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Movies

WELCOME to the very first episode of SCOPE VISION!

We don't believe in scores, so instead we analyse the film and it's ability to suspend our disbelief....after all, isn't that why we watch movies?

In this review, Ronin (in his uncharacteristically sober state) reviews the Avengers Assemble movie recently released in UK and set to be released on May 4 in US.

Ronin discusses the plot, the cast and their dynamic, the visuals, Joss Whedon and ultimately whether this is the best SUMMER BLOCKBUSTER movie of the year.

As this is the first video, please do provide feedback otherwise we will continue to produce sh*t


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