Robert Rodriquez on Predator Sequel

Why "Predators" sucked and if we can expect another one....

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Predator is another classic 80's action movie that has still has huge replay value without looking outdated. I am course talking about the first movie starring Arnold Schwarzenegger - not the Danny Glover sequel or the countless Aliens vs Predator series.

When Robert Rodriguez announced he was making a sequel/reboot of Predator in 2009 I of course, in what has become a trend of mine, gawked at the idea as these projects never end well (unless the writer/director returns for a whole new story as is the case in the upcoming Aliens sequel, Blade Runner or the new Mad Max Trilogy). But the fan in me still wanted another Predator movie as it was the perfect action/sci-fi/ survival movie with one the most iconic antagonists ever.

At the time, Robert Rodriguez revealed that "Predators" was meant to test the market. The goal was to put together a smaller film and to save all the big ideas and big set pieces for the sequel.

The movie cost $40 million but went onto gross £127 million worldwide. However, it was panned by fans and critics alike, but of course the studio [Fox] still considered it a success so a sequel was still possible. Playlist caught up with Rodriguez to find out if there is an update. Here is what he had to say:

I haven't talked to [20th Century Fox] in a while. I know they liked the idea of doing another one. I should probably call and check in. I've just been busy doing these other things.

By other things he must be referring to Sky Kids 4 - which ironically has the tag line "all the time in the world"...

Here's the thing. Predators wasn't actually a bad movie. Doesn't match up to, or come even close to capturing the tension in the original, but it wasn't a god awful movie. The movie tried a lot of new things which was good and important. It kept some good things from the original like the musical score and Predator suits rather than CGI. What ruined the movie however, was the cast, in particular Adrian Brody.

Now admittedly, I'm not a fan of Brody. Although I do appreciate the fact that he is a talented actor, I f**king hate the guy. Nonetheless, he being cast as the lead intrigued me as it gave me the impression that Rodriguez and co. were going to try and capture the tension from the original by having an actor that will be able to portray all the emotions of someone being hunted, whilst also looking physically outmatched.

Instead, Brody played the dark and mysterious, gravel voiced - I'm Batman - mercenary bad ass, with crappy one liners! Not only was it a waste of resources, but who in the world would ever buy him as a hard as nails action hero; especially one from the 80's?! It was as if Rodriguez or Brody were oblivious to who how the audience views Brody - the skinny white boy running from Nazis in Pianist.

What's worse is that Brody's character had no depth and he even remained calm and collective throughout the whole ordeal. I mean come on, even Arnie and Carl Weathers freaked out in the original!!

Forget Predators Rodriguez, make Sin City 2! That's the sequel we have been waiting for.

oh, and F**k Adrien Brody.

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