Korea passes Cinderella Law

No gaming after 12!

Written by Emkayu
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Games

The Cinderella Law is definitive proof that the South Korean government is actively fighting against gaming addiction. The law prohibits any children under the age of 16 from gaming during 12am-6am. Apparantly it’s to combat gaming addiction at a young age, stopping youngsters from playing too much.

It’s not just online PC game servers that will be actively shutting out kids but PSN no longer allows users under 16 years old to create accounts and those who already have one can’t log in during the 6 hour block. XBOX Live is allowing a 2 month period while a method to actively block youngsters at a certain time is being figured out.

However it seems that there are a few ways of getting round the block. For instance, Korean League of Legends players are using the western servers. Of course nothing is stopping them using their parent’s account or making accounts with a fake DOB?.

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