Innovation in the Gaming Nation 2012

Take a look at games that are bringing innovation to the gaming nation this year.

Written by Emkayu
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New, progressive and innovative ideas is what keeps a community that is ever so hungry coming back for more. With that in mind I searched high and low for games that are coming in 2012 that will make your noodle light up with amazement and really push your mind to wonder, where did they get that idea from?

QUBE Okay, so it’s already out, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an amazingly creative game! At first the visuals and art style scream out Portal, but this amazing First person puzzler is a great experience that holds your mind in a world of logical thought. Some of the puzzles really do ask more of you than you would expect from a video game. QUBE is a clear example of Games being a medium of Art, allowing someone to exist in someone else’s imagination. In this case it’s a series of puzzles and though there might not be an amazing character or story behind it all, QUBE still manages to let you have fun in a new and interesting way like never before.

The Last Guardian Films, books and songs often depict relationships between 2 beings, but games really allow you to empathise with a character by letting you take control and commit the actions the character undertakes in the game. The team behind ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are known for their ability to create a relationship between you and lines of code, making beings in a game feel more real than they are. It’s this relationship that’s really innovative in The Last Guardian, as the AI of the animal plays an important part in the puzzles, so your interactions with it will build a relationship with a figment of some one’s imagination and it will definitely be interesting to see what Team ICO will do with the relationship that will no doubt form between you and the forms in The Last Guardian

Dust 514 I’ve always been amazed at how intricate and detailed the world of EVE Online is. It amazes me how real the economy is even though the in game currency is continuously generated and items inflate, the developers CCP, often regulate the economy by creating more expensive items, structures, ships and so on. Dust 514 combines this amazing universe with the more simple and immediately rewarding world of FPS. The game is directly connected to the EVE Universe, using the same currency and allowing interaction between the pilots playing EVE Online on the PC and the “Mercenaries” fighting wars for them on the consoles in Dust 514. Only time will tell if Dust 514 becomes popular but the ability to connect two different communities and player bases is an innovation on it’s own.

The level of detail in games is not just in face value, it’s not just the graphics that you see that make a game detailed. It’s a developer’s ability to really push themselves to put their thoughts, ideas and creations into a game while still making it fun to play. Some games are created purely for adrenalin and competiton. I’ve had my fair share of those and always hungry for more, but I can’t help but be amazed at some of the ideas that are constantly being pumped out of Devloper’s offices. Indie developers always amaze me, their ability to create a game that incorporates abstract ideas on such tiny budgets have constantly reminded me that some of the crap on the shelves are there just to make money. If gaming is to be taken as an art form, publisher’s need to stop thinking about business plans and start looking at building a following. If you’ve enjoyed my attempt at being a hipster gamer then come back soon, Heavy Eggs might be in beta but we’re constantly looking out for our community!

Jibran Ahmed

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