George Miller To Make Another Mad Max Trilogy

Mad Max needs some anger management....

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We have often derided Hollywood for remaking movie classics - especially those from the 80's - or pointless sequels that fail to capture what made the originals so good - even when we yearn for the characters to return. To see them one last time....

But what happens when the visionaries behind the original (rather than just the actor) return for the sequel/reboot? Do the same rules apply?

George Miller, is one such visionary that is returning to the classic franchise, Mad Max - the original apocalyptic road movie that made Mel Gibson a star. The movie is rumoured to star Tom Hardy (Warrior, Inception) as the titular character, which is appropriate as he is amazingly talented actor adept at playing torn and conflicted but strong male characters - see his performances in Warrior and Bronson.

The reboot (titled "Mad Max: Fury Road" - lol) was set to begin filming last year, but due to unexpected rains, an Australian desert was turned into a lush garden. The plan now is to begin shooting in April 2012 in Namibia, and in a n extra bit of news, Miller will now make trilogy!! - depending on the success of the movie of course. here is what he had to say:

We started with ['Fury Road'], but we then started to do a second story and a third...We've written the script for the second and almost finished the third. We never intended to, they were part of the exploration of the characters.

Producer Doug Mitchell added that "Fury Road" has a massive budget:

It's confidential but it's massive.....If it's above $100 million it's a big budget. This is a bigger budget. People have speculated around $200 million [which] I'd neither deny nor confirm. It's a massive film.

This is certainly in contrast to the original movies which had an authentic but B movie quality style to it. More money is good, but they musn't lost track of what made the original so good. With George Miller returning, the reboot has the best chance of progressing the franchise further whilst preserving what made Mad Max so f**king epic.

No idea on what the plot of the trilogy will be, but hopefully Thunderdome will make an appearance !As for the title for the sequels, I'll be happy as long as they don't end up with "Mad Max: Grrr!"

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