EVE Online CEO Apologises

CEO of CCP, makers of EVE online, apologises for $40 shirt

Written by Emkayu
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Games

EVE online is run by players, that's the truth, when something bad enters the EVE universe, players rise against it. Today the CEO of CCP Games apologised for the current fiasco: Captain's Quarters.

It seems that the new Incarna expansion bought along Captain's Quarters just as a place to show off your real money bought clothes. Except that these clothes cost around $40 for a basic shirt, $25 for boots, and $70 or more for the fabled monocle.

This is clearly outrageous, though it still holds true to the saying that "The investment of money in EVE should not give you an unfair advantage over the investment of time." However players don't seem to be very happy with the new micro-transaction service for a game they already pay for!

For the full apology check out this

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