American Reunion UK Review - Detailed but Funny (No Spoilers)

Movie reviews that AIM to give you a CLEAR LINE OF SIGHT....yes these are stupid puns

Written by ronin
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Movies


We are fed up of the all fanboy reviews littering the digital streets of Youtube. And so we decided to make our own reviews with context, insight and good old fashioned hilarity!

We don't believe in scores, so instead we analyse the film and it's ability to suspend our disbelief....after all, isn't that why we watch movies?

In this review, Ronin discusses American Reunion, a sequel to a franchise that ushered in teen sex movies. With 9 years passing since the last installment and it's original audience having entered adulthood, does the movie recapture the magic or can it reinvent the wheel?

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