Alan Moore v Frank Miller: comic book smackdown

Alan Moore Looked down on us and whispered....”occupy”

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Frank Miller caused quite an outrage and disbelief amongst the majority of his fans last month by denouncing the occupy protestors as "nothing but a pack of louts, thieves, and rapists" and that they were [implicit] BFF’s with Al Qaeda, and to a lesser extent....Xerxes.

Fans were bemused by his sh!tspew, as this he wrote some of the best Batman and Daredevil comics about vigilantes that challenge the status quo where corruption and greed is rife, but yet he is oblivious to the parallels with the occupy movement.

Many have voiced their displeasure and disagreement with Frank Miller, including those from the comic book world, but they were just one off comments. No one had given Frank Miller a verbal beat down. At least not anyone that could equal or surpass Frank Miller’s stature in the comic book world....

And now, unlike my obvious segue way, Alan Moore, the legend behind Watchmen and V for Vendetta, a man just as famous for being a recluse, has decided to speak out and deliver an awesome rant of his own....and man does his sh@t all over Miller!

Frank Miller has long been compared to Alan Moore, due to their writing style and dark undertones as well as the fact taht they are both widely regarded as pioneers. No doubt Frank Miller saw this as an honour, but Alan Moore on the other hand doesn't, and wants to make it absolutley clear that they are nothing alike – in every way. Here is what Moore said in an interview with Honest Publishing

“Well, Frank Miller is someone whose work I’ve barely looked at for the past twenty years. I thought the Sin City stuff was unreconstructed misogyny, 300 appeared to be wildly ahistoric, homophobic and just completely misguided. I think that there has probably been a rather unpleasant sensibility apparent in Frank Miller’s work for quite a long time.

Oh snap son! You just got served boi!

Since I don’t have anything to do with the comics industry, I don’t have anything to do with the people in it. I heard about the latest outpourings regarding the Occupy movement. It’s about what I’d expect from him. I think it would be fair to say that me and Frank Miller have diametrically opposing views upon all sorts of things, but certainly upon the Occupy movement. And just to be clear, here is what Moore thinks about the movement:

I think that the Occupy movement is, in one sense, the public saying that they should be the ones to decide who’s too big to fail. It’s a completely justified howl of moral outrage and it seems to be handled in a very intelligent, non-violent way, which is probably another reason why Frank Miller would be less than pleased with it. I’m sure if it had been a bunch of young, sociopathic vigilantes with Batman make-up on their faces, he’d be more in favour of it.

Woah...leave Batman out of this Moore. Let’s not go crazy here.

Totally agree with Moore’s spiel about the occupy movement. Regardless of what some have suggested they have a message, albeit not a clear one, that is consistent in all their arguments –fairness built on transparency and accountability.

Unfortunately, Moore’s abundant disdain for Miller and his work clearly made him lose track near the end. Can’t believe I am having to defend Miller but, Batman and V for Vendetta are not interchangeable and Moore’s comics are just as violent and graphic as Miller's.

the only difference is that Miller is apparently an assf*ck.

Oh, and fuck "The Spirit"

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