3 Things Gaming needs in 2012

Innovation, Innovation, Innovation

Written by Emkayu
Published about over 5 years ago. Filed Under: Games

3) An FPS with a difference

We’ve had way too many mdern military and sci fi shooters over the past 10 years, it’s time for something new and exciting to pop up. Mirror’s Edge is a perfect example of how to change the First person experience, same goes with Oblivion and Skyrim. We need something to really push the boundaries of our imaginations. First Person games are one of the most engaging experiences in any medium, but so far all it’s been used for is mostly just shooting bad guys, over and over and over....

2) MOAR Indie

2011 was a great year for indie game lovers, with games such as Bastion to really make us wonder if publishers are often ripping us off with the boxed stuff. Fez was meant to be released last year but maybe if it pops up this year we can all wear one as we play this amazing looking game. Indies have always had a special place in my heart because they are never anything like most games, they are always unique and amazing experiences that I cherish.

1) New Tech for new hardware

As you might of guessed, innovation has been the main topic of discussion here and my number 1 will be no different. We’ve been seeing similar technology for a while now, a new graphics engine or a new physics engine or better AI. How about instead of just better graphics, make an illusion to make it believe it’s real, PC hardware boomed as games such as Crysis and Battlefield 3 really showed off what PCs can do. It’s time new engines went the full way and left 7 year old consoles behind where they belong with the same old engines. AI is one of those areas that you very rarely get to notice changes even though it does happen, a massive increase in AI smartness that blows your socks off (yes psychology does blow my socks off occasionally).

So essentially I’m looking out for complete conceptualization, innovation, something so new and fresh that I have to rethink my take on the gaming industry. Something that makes you believe in developers again.

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